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Welcome to Blue Sky PPG!

Click on our logo below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
about Powered Paragliding(PPG) and our school!

Sacramento Powered Paragliding

Proud member of the Sacramento "SodFlyers" Powered Paragliding (PPG) club- the largest PPG club in the United States with over 100 members!

Blue Sky Powered Paragliding is a locally owned and operated Powered Paragliding/paramotor school. We service the Sacramento,Wheatland, Marysville, Olivehurst, Yuba City, Chico, Oroville, Lincoln, and Davis areas. If you don't live in these areas- relax...these were just key words for search engines. We train anyone!

All instruction takes place in various locations based on wind.

We have been in the powered paragliding business since 2003. In 2005 we started our first school in Tokyo, Japan and in 2007 moved our school to California. We have expanded every year since.

We are the ONLY Powered Paraglider and Powered Parachute school that provides ALL equipment for our students during training. Training costs $1600. What do you get for that cost? Check it out:

  • The use of our equipment at no additional cost- that is the wing, paramotor, emergency parachute and fuel!
  • Helmet with intercom built in ($325 value),two radios with docking station for recharging. Yours to keep forever.
  • 60-80 hours of instruction depending on how quickly you learn.
  • Minimum of 20 flights (PPG) before you are complete with training
  • Use of our flying site(s)
  • Access to our club message board after your solo flight- it is a private club after all.

*********************NEW STUDENTS READ BELOW*********************

New students are eager to buy stuff, so there are a couple of things you need to realize, and these are IMPORTANT.

You DO NOT and SHOULD NOT purchase equipment prior to getting instruction from anyone anywhere.

You don't know what to look for yet! With training and a few flights, your experience will help you make an informed opinion so you purchase the proper equipment and don't get sucked in by a "good deal on eBay". This is especially important with regard to paragliders. If anyone tells you that is "feels crispy" that is not an indicator of a good glider. The glider should have an inspection with porosity check (this measures the pores in the glider determining how much life is left). If they can't provide that to you, you are probably wasting your money.

You do not have to buy the same machine or brand your instructor flies!

Many schools and instructors want you to buy their equipment because its the "best". It may be, but just like cars, there are other brands that may suit your needs and financial disposition better. Fly first, buy later.We make it a point not to sell PPG or PPC equipment to our students or pressure them to buy anything from us after they sign up for lessons. We would rather focus on giving you great instruction. those that are a jack of all trades truly are a master of none. We can either be good at teaching or good at selling but can't do both and give you 100%.

If you are searching for a school/instructor, make sure they are using a lesson plan/syllabus.

This sport has way too many instructors that teach off the "top of their head" instead of using known techniques. Using a lesson plan or syllabus ensures that you learn by the book. Its also common place to offer discounted training if you purchase your equipment from the school. Always remember that you get what you pay for. Discounted training usually means inadequate training.

OK, that should protect your pocketbook for now. Moving on...

Our company offers a variety of products and services designed to meet your needs and get you flying as quickly and safely as possible and if you've come this far, you probably have a ton of questions. No problem at all! Just click our Blue Sky School logo above for some of the most commonly asked questions new students have.

If you can't find the answer to your question at the frequently asked questions (FAQ) area then click on the "contact us" link and we will respond immediately - usually within 24 hours. Make sure you check your spam folder, just in case your email program accidentally sorted it. *We will never send you another email unless you email us first, basically no spam from us, we hate getting it and definitely don't want to be guilty of sending it.

Once you have read through the FAQ you can call to set up an appointment or just ask when we are flying, no obligation at all! You are simply calling to see when and where we will be flying so you can meet up with your future instructor and see the equipment and maybe get some hands on. Our number is (530) 308-3523 and we are open from sunrise to sunset on fair weather days. If it's raining or really windy you can still call, but please - let us sleep me we need it!

We are an authorized dealer of Adventure Paramotors. Adventure is an internationally recognized paramotor company and has been in business for 20 years. Check them out for yourself:

We offer the following on-site services:

  • Powered Paraglider and Powered Parachute Instruction
  • Parachute and Paraglider wing and line repair
  • Motor rebuild, servicing and repair
  • Propeller repair
  • Reserve parachute repacking and inspection

Our website is always evolving and we try to update our website often. If you see a mistake or something that doesn't make sense- contact us and tell us.
Our reputation is all we have and we go out of our way to make sure that you, the customer, are happy. We can custom design and build your ideas to meet your needs, no order to small.

  • Contact us for pricing information on specialty custom items
  • We also accept government purchase card (formerly IMPAC) along with all major credit cards and PayPal
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