LIMITED TIME ONLY Para-Shield Paraglider Conditioner


NOTICE: We have a limited suppy of ParaShield- Due to production and supply chain issues its getting increasingly difficult to have this made.

We have 38 bottled left- get yours now for spring!



basic instructional video: http://youtu.be/3yONvTx0I0o

* This is not a coating! It will not make an unserviceable canopy serviceable. you MUST have some porosity in order for this work. If the canopy is old, no or low porosity (less than 75 seconds) and the nylon ripstop is weak or degraded you can restore the porosity but you cant make it structurally stronger. This is still an unserviceable canopy.

**This product is intended for paragliders that are currently in service. It is designed for canopies that you are currently flying and intended to fly regardless if you purchased this product or not. In other words, if you have a canopy you love flying and want to protect your investment and make it last, this is for you. If you have a canopy that you have had sitting in your closet for years with no use or so much use it was retired; this product is not for you.

Para-Shield was developed for paragliding and parachuting.


Para-Shield is the most effective UV protectant and sealant, ideal for SkyTec ripstop nylon, gelvenor and F111 ripstop. Restores and fills porous parachutes, maintains a like-new appearance that revitalizes and conditions. Para-Shield keeps colors looking new, repels water, dirt and dust, prevents soiling and - most importantly - stops UV damage caused by the sun.



Gliders treated with Para-Shield all showed dramatically improved porosity rates. Even after 60 consecutive days of direct sunlight exposure, gliders treated with Para-Shield still tested at better rates than their pre-treatment levels.

Gliders treated with Para-Shield also showed noticeable improvement while ground handling. Improved performance included easier handling in low wind conditions and normalized flight characteristics. 

In flight, gliders treated with Para-Shield also showed drastically improved flight characteristics, and required lower RPM levels to maintain altitude (for motorized flight).

Consumers across the board report that their Para-Shield treated gliders are more responsive, kite easily in low wind conditions, and stay cleaner and newer-looking longer than when they were originally purchased. 


Para-Shield is non-toxic, and will not harm your paraglider or parachute.


*Para-Shield was tested using a JDC MK1 Porosimeter. Parachutes treated with Para-Shield showed a decrease in porosity of up to 400%. Zero-porosity ripstop nylon treated with Para-Shield also maintained porosity levels above 400 seconds after 250+ hours of continuous UV exposure. [Newly-manufactured parachutes typically rate at 400-500 seconds.]




Product includes one 22 oz. bottle with sprayer, enough to treat the top surface of one Paraglider. Tandem wings require two bottles.


Testimonial from a Para-Shield customer:


 I finally got to fly the wing I treated several weeks ago.

I noticed right away;

1. The black part that was previously well faded looked new as did the whole wing. The wing has about 200- 250 hours on it. Recent testing showed it is very porous and this may be last season for it unless I used Para-Shield on it which was recommended by the shop (not Blue Sky) that just did a full inspection on the wing.

2. It was much easier to kite.

3. My first launch the wing went way off to the side and I was able to let off the throttle an easily get the wing centered for a perfect trike launch. Normally I would have aborted to keep from being rolled.

 4. I like to use up all my gas every time I fly to have fresh gas and oil every day I go flying. This time I wound up with about 1/3 of a 2.5 gallon tank. Normally I have to quit flying because I run low gas, this time I ran out of daylight.

 5. My RPMs would go 300-400 higher than normal. I guess this is because less drag on the wing allowed the prop to spin faster?

6. Not too sure how much better the climb rate was as my altimeter watch broke on a crash last year. I am also using a wing one size too small. It seemed my glide ratio was greatly increased. I will know how much better the lift is when the hot humid weather comes as this wing will barely climb when it is hot and humid.

7. When landing my wing stayed up a lot longer an required a lot more brake to drop it too the ground.

All in all I noticed a lot of improvement in ground handling flight and landing characteristics.

 Thanks for taking the time to offer such a product...


Mike B, Brunswick, Ohio

  • Model: ParaShield Paraglider 22 ounce

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