*SALE** MZ 34 blackawk 313 MZ313 after market Copper Head gasket


Solid copper MZ313, MZ34, Blackhawk 313 cylinder head gasket.

This is for the original 6mm head bolts. It will not work for the 7mm version without widening the holes.

**If your cylinder head has horizontal cooling fins this gasket is designed for you. The factory paper/foil head gasket is one time use only and does not provide any heat transfer whatsoever between the cylinder and head. You motor is running dangerously close to overheating during normal operation. Overheating will result in a melted piston and damaged cylinder. That is almost $900 worth of parts.

Our solid copper cylinder head gasket is reusable, and effectively transfers heat from the cylinder to the head so the cooling fins can do their job. Copper is extremely efficient at conducting heat and will lower your operating temperatures.

Why pay $30 for a one-time use head gasket when for just a little more you have a permanent head gasket solution that will spare your engine and keep it running even in the hottest environments.


A note on installation:

When you purchase an aftermarket copper gasket and plan to replace the original one, you have to take care of the following or you could have an engine failure.

Do the following steps.

1. First make sure the top of the cylinder is 100% flat with no lower points or marks. The reason is that you will have a full contact over the complete gasket surface. You will have to remove the cylinder for this. Take a piece of glass, it is 100% flat. Put a sheet of 600 sand paper on the glass, you can tape the edges to keep it in place.
Now let the weight of the cylinder push down on the paper and rotate the cylinder in circles, rotate both ways and make sure it is even.
You will quickly see the low points keep going till the sealing surface is completely flat.

You should do the head also however depending on which version you have this may not be possible.

With the head and cylinder corrected now we move to the copper gasket.

2. First a copper gasket needs to be softened or annealed. If you heat copper up and slowly cool it down it will harden. In the process of manufacturing this is possible that the gasket had been hardened.
So to correct this you have to use a propane torch or gas burner and evenly heat the gasket up till it is cherry red, and then cool it down fast. Just drop it in a bucket of water, and it is annealed. You can watch a lot of video's on you tube.
To clean the gasket off and make sure it is also flat do the same as the head and cylinder with the sand paper and glass table.

3. Clean all the parts make sure your bolt holes are clean and fit the cylinder with a new base gasket. Wipe the surfaces with an acetone cloth to make sure it is oil free.
Use a copper spray not a silicone. We recommend Permatex copper spray-a-gasket. Just follow the instructions, spray a thin coat on both sides of the gasket. Leave for 30 sec – min to get tacky and spray one more coat and fit it on cylinder. Torque it down. Don't run the engine for 16 -24 hrs. The copper spray stay tacky, the reason to use this it will fill the very small uneven marks and also keep the gasket in place.
Do not use the silicone as it might fill up spaces and can blow out bringing you back to a leaky head gasket. This product is good till 500°F, you can use the copper silicone for sealing the exhaust flange and slip op connections. The normal red and blue gasket sealer will not work.
Re torque the head after 24 hours and you are good to go.

The gasket copper spray will also work for the standard gasket.

Enjoy and fly safe.

  • Model: MZ 34, MZ 313, head gasket

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