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Y Bridle for reserve parachute Paraglider Paragliding 60"


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  • Model: Y Bridle

60" (1.5M) Reserve 'Y' Bridle for connecting your reserve (with single attachment) to your harness attachment points (normally two, one on each shoulder).

This can be used with side or front mounted reserves. It is also long enough for Trikes and Quads.

Made from .5" (12mm) Dyneema rated at 4000 pounds. Colors is white/black checkerboard.



The unique split style allows the reserve parachute to use the existing harness attachment point for your reserve so you should you deploy your reserve you will be balanced and land on your feet/buttocks.

This bridle was specifically designed for paragliding and powered paragliding. Once again you attach this so you will come down under you reserve chute centered with a normal center of gravity.