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62mm Foam Powered Paraglider (PPG) air filter for airbox


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  • Model: 62mm foam PPG air filter

This is usually for an airbox setup however can be used as a stand alone filter.


This filter fits on the Fly Gold 130, fresh breeze, and MZ34 PPG's. It is a high flow air filter which means it is larger than your OEM air filter. Specifically designed for the Bing style carburetor with a 65mm (2.5") outer flange.

K&N Powered Paraglider Universal foam filter

  • 62mm (2.438 inch) inside diameter (it expands to 66mm)
  • Large air volume filter
  • Fits 95% of all PPG's on the market
  • Use for Tillotson, Bing, and Walbro Carburetors
  • Increases throttle response