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4 male/female motor mount standard stiffness part 40-30 set


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  • Model: 4 male/female motor mount MF4030

4 standard stiffness motor mounts

 MZ313, MZ34, Simonini, Fly products, Nirvana, Adventure, Blackhawk, Parajet, Flat Top, Top 80, and others.

  • Made of durable rubber capped with steel.
  • Custom made 
  • Single metric 8mm post
  • Steel post length 28mm (11/4 inch) easily cut down if necessary.
  • Shear load is 34 pounds per piece
  • Compression load is 220 pounds
  • 11/4 inch thick

 * A note on motor mounts. These are specifically designed with PPG in mind. If you want to save a buck on something in PPG, this is not the item to try to pinch pennies on. Chinese made motor mounts (often found at stores like harbor freight) are guaranteed to fail and are not designed to handle the torque that PPG motors produce. You get what you pay for if you go cheap on these! We have seen the Chinese motor mounts fail in flight and when one goes, the other follow within minutes.