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Belt for Simonini mini 2 engine Blackhawk 185, Black Devil 172


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  • Model: 14 rib PJ508 200J belt

Reduction drive belt for Black Devil 172, Simonini mini 2 and Black Hawk 185. All reduction drives on Fly products, Flat Top, Walker Jet, Nirvana, Paratoys and others.

14-Rib V-Belt

  These Belts offer more efficient transmission of power over other belts of similar size. The incorporate a monoblock structure that eliminates flapping- as all ribs have the same length, thus providing longer life, reduced stretch and importantly higher transmission efficiency. They also have reduced face widths and higher belt speeds (due to higher power transmission and construction) leading to extended bearing life. The superior polymer and manufacturing technology provides reduced vibration and lesser noise (molded ribs as compared to ground ribs of competitors).