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Complete Piston and rings set Simonini mini 2


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  • Model: Simonini mini 2 piston & ring se

Upgraded forged Simonini Mini 2, Piston and ring set

Upgrade forged piston and rings.

Forged pistons are designed for high horsepower, high rpm engines. This forged piston is designed for high performance and is stronger, lighter weight and far more suitable for the Simonini aircraft engine.

Complete piston, rings, pin, and clips.

Forging is a the process of taking hot (but not melted) metal, compress it with a metal die. It is similar to a blacksmith hammering on a red-hot piece of metal on an anvil. The forging press does this process in several steps essentially compressing the metal into a mold and pushing the molecules closer together, creating a much stronger metal than metal poured into a cast. All race cars and racing applications use forged pistons.