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Walbro WB-32 Carburetor aircraft carb


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  • Model: WB-32 complete carburetor

Walbro WB-32 series carburetor.

Fits Simonini mini 2, Black Devil 172, 185cc and larger Blackhawk paramotors, Adventure F series PPG's,Walkerjet, Flat Top and other models that use the Walbro Carburetor. This is a ready to install carburetor.

Your model number is stamped on the frame of the carburetor if you are unsure which one you need. This is the most installed carburetor on PPGs.

NOTE: the WB 32 works well on most engines however larger displacement engines tend to develop a mid range flat spot or stutter. You can eliminate the issue by upgrading to a Walbro WB-37c Aircraft carburetor.The WB-37c has a brass venturi spout that acts as a crossover for the high and low jets.