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High strength thread locker Loctite 680 50ml


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  • Model: Loctite high strength 680

This product is 50% off retail! Compare to 50ml Loctite high strength at $32.95 retail. This is NOT the little tiny tube you get at an auto parts store for $6- this is about 5 times that size.

Ultra High Strength Thread Locker & Sealant. 

Medium Viscosity and good solvent resistance, used for locking bolts, repairing threads and fixing and sealing components like shafts and bushings with transition and interference fit of radial dearance less than 0.2mm.
Working Temperature is -60 to 150 degrees
Working time is 10-30 minutes
Full cure in 24 hours
The product cures when confined in the absence of air between
close fitting metal surfaces and prevents loosening and
leakage from shock and vibration.
Bolts that are coated with this product can be removed easily if heated above 500 degrees.
* Bottle is a 100ml bottle filled to allow for expansion. Your bottle will appear half full.