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Walbro WG-8a Carburetor rebuild kit #12


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  • Model: WG-8 carburetor kit

Rebuild kit for the Walbro WB(G)-8a series carburetor. The Black Devil, Blackhawk paramotors, Adventure F series PPG,Walkerjet and other models use the Walbro Carburetor. This kit includes everything you need for a rebuild. It does not include new low or high jets. These rarely need to be replaced. These are factory kits from Walbro not aftermarket. Some aftermarket kits produced in the past 3 years have been mismarked to be used with gasoline but were intended for alchohol. They dissintegrate on contact with fuel. It is best to save yourself time and money and purchase OEM rebuild kits!

Your model number is stamped on the frame of the carburetor.