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18KN forged Aluminum Carabiner


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  • Model: Aluminum carabiner

*this is for a single carabiner*

22KN forged Aluminum carabiners for Paragliding-paramotoring. They are made of forged aircraft grade aluminum. Forged Aluminum carabiners are rated at 18KN and have been NDI tested (non destructive inspection [X-ray] for quality control) Also ideal for attaching reserve parachutes.

They are certified for by OSHA, ANSI, and CSI and EN, can be used for tandem flying and ideal when using a trike, especially with a passenger! The specs are below:

Aluminum carabiner for the best flying performance
- guaranteed load 18kN (4032 pounds)
- Extremely high tensile strength
- Qualified for tandem flying

Weight: ca. 100.0g
- Each single piece is tested with 1700kg (3600 pounds)

Actual color may vary