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14mm professional digital Cylinder Head Temperature CHT gauge


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  • Model: 14mm cylinder head temp gauge

This professional grade cylinder head temperature (CHT)  gauge has a self powered LCD with a 14mm spark plug lead. Installs in minutes. .An internal lithium battery furnishes the power for the monitor for up to 5 years. Stop tuning your engine to sound and tune it to RPM and CHT!

30-500°F (0-270°C): Normal Operation.
Above 130°F (55°C): Alternates Current and Max Temperature display.
Below 30°F (0°C) or
Sensor Unplugged:
"--- °F" or "--- °C" displayed
Reset MAX Temp: Hold Button for More Than 3 Seconds.
Reset MAX Temp: Temperature Rises Above 130°F

Works on all engines with a 14mm spark plug.

  • Peel-n-Stick or Bolt-on- Easy install- installs in about 5 minutes